The Springville Concord Community Food Pantry opened its doors in October of 1982. Residing in the Lutheran Parish House, the pantry served five families its first week. The pantry collaborated with Love INC shortly after Love INC opened its doors in 1996.  Love INC continues to do all the scheduling for the Pantry.

Originally all food and money donations came from churches and clubs. Now donations of food, money and volunteers also come from schools, businesses, and individuals.  Money donations are used for rent, purchasing of supplies, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and meat. The Pantry works closely with the Food Bank of WNY to purchase food supplies at a reduced price.

How you can help support the Pantry:

  • Monetary donations can be mailed to: The Springville Concord Community Food Pantry, PO Box 574, Springville, NY 14141.
  • Food donations can be arranged by calling Love INC at 592-3761.
  • Be a volunteer coordinator.  Please fill in your contact information below or call Love INC at 592-3761.


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